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"Doughboy... A trusted brand for more than half a century!"

"During World War II Domain Industries, through its packaging machinery operation, perfected rubber sealing and won the Army contract to seal K-rations. K-rations were a “meal in a can” carried by United States soldiers during battle. During World War II, the United States soldiers were known as Doughboys."


    "In 1947, Domain Industries formally named their packaging machinery operation the Doughboy Plastics Division. Doughboy Plastics Division was created specifically to enter the outdoor family entertainment market by manufacturing inflatable splasher pools, toys, and beach balls. Years later, they changed the name to Doughboy Recreational."

    "Hoffinger Industries purchased Doughboy Recreational from Domain Industries in 1974. Hoffinger Industries was founded and owned by Marty Hoffinger, who in 1945 invented one of the first above ground pool filters. In 2012, Hoffinger Industries was acquired by its president, Doug Hollowell."

    Made in America

    "Doughboy Recreational is and has always been proud to be Made in America!"

Going Green!

"Doughboy builds quality products that are made to last longer than our competitors. Replacing your pools less often will reduce landfill waste."

Doughboy eliminates vinyl and plastic waste by regrinding all plastic products for reuse.

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